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    Wheels - 4 Pack

    Get a pack of 4 removable wheels plus a wheel pouch, to replace old or lost Take OFF Luggage Wheels.

    $25.00 USD
    $11.99 USD

    Just like new wheels on a car, new wheels on your suitcase will make it roll brand new

    Easily replace lost or damage wheels with a set of 4 brand new wheels with a push of a button

    4 spinner wheels make traveling with your luggage a breeze

    Product Description

    Sometimes Extra Wheels Are Needed...

    ✅ Lost Wheels - When your Take OFF Luggage is too full, but you still have a few more items to pack. This Slim Pack back pack allows you to bring more items while still maintaining a low profile. If you know how to pack discretely, you may be able to have 2 personal items, and still avoid those high baggage fees. 

    ✅ A New Ride - Just like new tires, nothing feels better than rolling on brand new wheels. Change your Take OFF Luggage wheels and get that brand new feel all over again.

    ✅ Easy Replacement  - Simply push buttons to pop the wheels off, and replace them with these new ones. Every pack comes in a set of 4 and a carry bag to put them in.

    Additional Features

    360° Spinner Wheels
    Push Button Release
    Wheel Pouch
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    Never Pay Baggage Fees Again

    Stop wasting you money on overpriced baggage fees. Pack everything you need in our signature removable wheels luggage and save money every trip.

    The Better Choice

    Greedy Airlines vs Take OFF Luggage

    Take OFF Luggage basically pays for itself after one roundtrip flight compared to those Greedy Airlines Carry-On fees

    Greedy Airlines

    Charges customers $80 - $200 roundtrip to travel with your own Carry-On Bag

    Take OFF Luggage

    Save money everytime you flight by turning your carry-on into a FREE personal item

    We believe in Our Brand

    Exactly What You Need, When You Need It

    Free Delivery

    Free delivery on all luggage orders!

    Satisfied or Refunded

    One trip and the luggage should pay for itself. If not satisfied, 100 day return policy

    Top-Notch Support

    Fast customer service. Have an issue, send us a message and we'll get back to you fast.

    Why Take OFF Luggage

    Removable Wheels

    360° Spinning wheels easily come off and turns the luggage from carry-on into a FREE personal item

    Money Saver

    Avoid those costly airline baggage fees by fitting this inside the FREE personal item bin

    Double Sided Storage

    Fit plenty of items on both sides, giving you plenty of space to pack for 3-5 days

    TSA Approved Lock

    Super secure TSA approved lock for those times when checking a bag is necessary

    Hardshell Luggage

    Squeeze a little more inside, and know it's protecter with it's hard outer

    Fits Under The Seat

    Fits perfectly under the seat, making this the perfect personal item to travel with.

    Are You Ready to Take OFF? Buy Today & Save Forever!