The story behind TAKE OFF Luggage

Meet The Founder

Always traveling budget airlines, because of the amazing flight prices, but hating to pay an additional carry on fee, Stephen decided to find a solution.

What started out as a luggage only for him, people at the airport kept asking him where did he get it. After seeing countless people get stopped at the airport gate and have to pay $100 for trying to sneak their carry-on onto the plane.

Stephen knew then, that everyone could use this "money saver". So TAKE OFF Luggage was born.


    We searched high and low for the right carry on luggage that was small enough to be labeled a personal item, but big enough to pack the right items comfortably. After testing under the seat luggages, and realizing they were too small. Then testing carry-on luggages and realizing they were too big.

    Our lightbulb moment came when we realized a carry-on without the wheels is the perfect size we are looking for.

  • Take OFF Luggage wheels shown being removed with the push of a button, and easily re-attached with a press.

    Removable Wheels

    Our signature 360° removable wheels pop on and off with the push of a button.

  • An image showing the rose gold Take OFF Luggage Personal Item 2.0 at 20 Inches with the wheels on, and 18 inches once the wheels are removed.

    Convertible Design

    Our suitcase gives you the ability to convert it from carry-on into a FREE personal item!

TAKE OFF vs The Competition

We knew we were on to something so we put the TAKE OFF Luggage to the test.

We found amazing roundtrip flights, booked them, and realized how much we could save every flight.

After seeing the baggage fees were a lot more than the trip itself, we knew TAKE OFF Luggage would be something the people would want and could use.