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Personal Item Suitcase 2.0 XL (Limited Edition)

Personal Item Suitcase 2.0 XL (Limited Edition)

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  • The 2.0 XL is exactly like our Personal Item 2.0, just a bit bigger. Our signature removable wheels allow the Personal Item 2.0 XL to fit inside airline personal item sizers measuring 18"H x 14"W x 8"D inches (Wheels OFF), turning your bag from a paid carry-on into a FREE personal item. Save up to $200 on every trip!

  • NOTE: Since the 2.0 XL is slightly bigger, sometimes the top handle can get caught on the sizer box causing the suitcase to not go all the way down. If this does occur, simply press and hold the top handle while sliding the suitcase inside the sizer.

  • ALSO: Overstuffing suitcases can make them expand, causing them to change measurements not fit inside personal item sizers. Please be careful not to overstuff your luggage to avoid bag fees!

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    Pack for 3-5 Days

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    Removable 360º Wheels

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    Fits Under Seat

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    Having wheels on your suitcase is a must! But airlines purposefully size their personal item bin to exclude bags with wheels. Not anymore!

    We decided to give you the best of both worlds with our four signature removable spinner wheels that pop on or off at the press of a button. When it’s time to size, simply remove the wheels and slide your bag into the personal item bin (don’t be surprised if the gate agent gives you an angry look while you do it).

    Then, when it’s time to de-board the plane, just pop those wheels back on and strut back down that aisle.

    • Removable Wheels

      Our signature removable wheels pop off with the press of a button, transforming your luggage from an expensive carry-on into a FREE personal item. When you're ready to roll again, just pop the wheels back on and go.

    • The pink packing cubes shown inside the Take OFF Luggage Personal Item 2.0 with exceptional organization

      Dual Sided Storage

      Pack exactly what you need and keep it neat with dual-sided storage compartments. The zippered pouch keeps your items separate, while the buckle closure keeps everything neat and secure.

    • An image of the rose gold Take OFF Luggage Personal Item 2.0 Underneath the seat in front of the passenger's seat.

      Fits Under Airplane Seat

      Your Take OFF Luggage easily slides behind the seat in front of you, so you don't have to worry about fighting for overhead bin space or gate-checking your bag.

    Just Pack, Zip and Go